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The Gray Garden is a indie pseudo-RPG game with a heavy story focus, created by Mogeko (site name Deep-Sea Prisoner) in RPG Maker 2000.

The Gray Garden: a world where angels and demons live in harmony. Yosafire, a demon who likes flowers, enjoys a carefree life with her friends.

Then one day, a mysterious bat appears in the garden...

*WARNING! This Wiki includes spoilers for the game; Read on your own risk!

The Gray Garden is translated by VGperson. The game can be downloaded (in english) on her website. The game is compatible both in Windows & Macintosh.

"Did something just fell on the Garden..? ...Let's check it out!"

| Deep-Sea Prisoner's Website | vgperson's Website |

Note: Mogeko states that in the Gray Garden verse, EVERYONE is bi. And, some of the characters really don't have a specific gender (For example, Etihw).

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